International Wedding Videographer


allow us to showcase our style using various videos from our vault.

here’s a blast from the past – rommel and jen’s “komiks” avp.

our very first 3d photo montage made for dr. red and dr. ann.

a little country music from dave and ebeth’s onsite.

we’re gonna make you fall in love with original pinoy music with ray and oda’s sde in widescreen.

if you like rockin’ ‘n rollin’ same-day-edits (like we do), nothing tops russ and thet’s onsite video…nothing comes even close!

and lastly, watch ben and phoebe’s (two names that made the extraordinary domain name and a lot of teachers stop during roll call) love story, their onsite video, heck, check the whole blog entry!!! again, no favorites, they’re just too special to be left out. :)

2 thoughts on “playback”

  • LOLZ. thus the name Phoeben was made.. kaya pala! oist congrats..talagang ang layo na ng narating mo..wish u more luck this year, your wedding year :)

  • maraming maraming salamat thet. hehe, malaking part ka ng success namin. meet ka namin next week ni gen for your raw vids. sama daw siya para makakwentuhan ka. :) see you soon.

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