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pj & jo

the greenery, bulacan

i had two hours raw video to be squeezed into a 4-minute mtv. it wasn’t as easy as i thought it would be…or maybe i tried too hard. =) nonetheless, i made something quite extraordinary. watch closely and see if your eyes are as fast as your ears in this one of a kind avp. i’d be the happiest if i get you to watch it again. =)

may 24, 2008 – gazebo royale
imperial palace, quezon city

we arrived at the hotel at about ten a.m. thinking the ceremony will be held at three p.m in the afternoon. not surprisingly, kix and his team were there a couple of minutes earlier. no problem, really, except that it was a five p.m christian wedding. man, that was the longest preparation shoot we did.

i heard the emcee said “wow!” but i thought she was just being nice…the reaction from the couple after watching their onsite video though, totally made my day.

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