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[pink]//[cedric & patricia]

date: december 19, 2009//church: sacred heart of jesus parish//venue: gazebo royale//photography: bern mejias

the couple was one of our first ptv clients. as a matter of fact, they were one of the first ten couples who booked us when we launched a promo almost two years ago. =) nope, they weren’t the type who’d book a supplier ever before getting engaged. it’s just that during the preparation period, unexpected things happened that they had to change their wedding date twice (or maybe ever more.) =) luckily, i was available every single time!

guess what’s the groom’s favorite color.

2 thoughts on “[pink]//[cedric & patricia]”

  • yey!!! it’s posted na. thank you bim, gen and the rest of ptv team! you guys are amazing to work with. at last we’re done! maybe the next time will be on my baby bro’s wedding (which will happen in a few MORE years!) by the way, i recommended you to one of my colleagues here.. the couple should or should probably have contacted you already.

    we’ll still watch out for your future weddings here. ^_^

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