International Wedding Videographer

The Pilot’s Wife

Miko Merchan & Tracy Chia Wedding Film
Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonion
Reception: Manila Polo Club
Photo: Toto Villaruel
HMU: Cherry Pacheco

Busy is good. As March comes to an end, I am officially on couch mode. Well, almost. Considering back office backlog that includes a ton of editing line up not to mention website updates and marketing, I’m so far away from a relaxing vacation. Unless something crazy suddenly comes up, I might be working this Holy Week! I am not complaining. In fact, I;m loving every second of it. Plus it’s not really working if you enjoy what you do. =)

Tracy and Miko exchanged their vows a few weeks ago (months ago maybe, but who’s counting? =) .) She was a little bit tipsy when I said my goodbyes after the reception program ended. Hugging me tightly, she whispers to me how she wonderful her SDE turned out. And although she had quite a few drinks by then, actually admitting to me that she was drunk, I have no reason whatsoever to believe that it was the alcohol talking. =)

It’s an interesting song choice for an SDE but we’ve done it before and we’re kinda starting to love it. =) Enjoy!

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