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overjoyed//mike and rachelle

it’s 12: 36 am 1:05 am exactly 2 am. tomorrow’s (or should i say later’s) call time is 5 am. a little over an hour ago, my wife read me this very long email and it’s keeping me awake.

for those who doesn’t know yet, i am married twice. once to my beautiful bride in november of 2009 and another to this profession some five years ago. not even my wife knows but before i ventured into wedding videography, i thought to myself that if i choose to get into this industry where holding hands and kissing and eye contact are the things that you get paid for, it’s too darn cheesy my buddies will think i’m a wuss. took the risk, changed my life and i’m a freakin’ wuss ever since. then again, when we fall in love, aren’t we all?

not in my wildest imagination did i ever think that i’d, as my couples tell me, touch lives! i’m just doing what i painfully want to do and truth be told i don’t even consider myself very good at it. i feel like there’s always something to improve, there’s always something new to learn and experiences to gain. and, though there are forgettable incidents that i just can’t forget, the blessings are much more overwhelming.

yes, i crossed the border of becoming overly romantic and i apologize for boring the living hell out of you. it’s just that i just got home from a wedding and i’m about to get some sleep for another (morning)wedding tomorrow and i got this email tonight and i am reminded that i’m very lucky to have this beautiful job that i love (and i quote from the genius that is aubrey o’ day) so much so that the words themselves sound unspeakably lame.

darn, i’ve written so much and yet i stare at her email blankly and speechless. it’s a shame that i have no idea how to respond. =)

mike and rachelle’s wedding was last thursday of january. i have this video uploaded exactly a week ago ready to be blogged. frankly, when i got rachelle’s email about her song choice, i’m pretty sure i told myself i ain’t blogging another “just say yes” wedding video. over my lifeless rotting body (that bad.) somehow, during editing, i felt that i was getting the perfect clips and the most beautiful unguarded moments of beautiful people and in all honesty i imagined receiving an award after this video was played! i seriously thought it was that good…i still do! here’s the video. =)

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