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One Step Closer / Jerome & Monica

One Step Closer / Jerome & Monica

A thousand times before I’ve seen same day edits using Christina Perri’s hit single A Thousand Years. I’ve done quite a few myself and truth be told, I have another handful of weddings with which this ear candy is the music of choice for SDE. As a visual story-teller, using the same song for the second or third or fourth time even is a lot more challenging but, as an artist this should not be an excuse but an opportunity to think out of the box; to push one’s imagination to come up with an entirely different film.

Jerome and Monica’s theme song just happened to be, well, Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years and it was no surprise that they wanted it used for their SDE. Since I was invited to the couple’s pre-wedding dinner rehearsal, being served with free dinner in addition to the chocolates I received a few days ago during our meeting, I was totally down with them using their theme song for their SDE, no questions asked! =) Kidding aside, the rehearsals helped me a lot on visualizing what kind of characters I should expect during the actual wedding. This group was a very interesting bunch to say the least. I knew then and there that it was going to be an emotional ceremony but as always, there were a lot of surprises on the day itself. First, there’s Jerome who may have been the sweetest groom I have ever filmed, giving everyone and anyone he meets a peck on the cheek: women, children, men, strangers…I’ve seen different kinds of anxiety and this one was by far the most beautifully bizarre. Monica’s boudoir pictorials during her wedding preps was also something. As a matter of fact, it gave me the idea for their film’s introduction. =) The crazy after-party conundrum
may not have happened and perhaps effects of one two many tequila shots from the open bar but I better start getting used to it as the peak season enters the first stage!

This five-minuter ends with a glass-shattering first kiss! Enjoy!

Jerome Revilla & Monica Sacasas – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: NSDG | Reception: Oceana Events Place | Photography: Benjie Tiongco | Coordinator: Joanne Co

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