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one for the road//jeb & dianne

destination wedding: san roque chapel, subic
photo: oly ruiz

december has come and gone in a blink of an eye but i still have a few videos to blog about before i can truly say goodbye to twenty ten. one of the few is jeb and dianne’s subic wedding.

one of the great things i like while shooting alongside my good friend oly ruiz and his metrophoto team is the kick-ass bride and groom pictorials. so good, i had to get them shots on my onsite video. =)

i almost forgot, happy new year to all!

6 thoughts on “one for the road//jeb & dianne”

  • Hi Bim & Gen!

    Thanks for the wonderful video! Can’t wait for the whole thing! =) t’was great working with you guys. more power and Godbless!

    <3 <3 <3

  • OMG, i was just browsing for a prospect supplier and I saw your videos! Jeb & Diane, congrats =) Good choice of photo (oly) & videographer!

  • @Tin: thanks so much! I suggest u get em both too, they’re one of the best in their respective fields. Choosing them both were one of the best decision we’ve made for our wedding, kita mo puro best na nasabi ko. Lol! Happy peeps nag Godbless!

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