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Numbers / Lloyd & Karen

Numbers / Lloyd & Karen

It was in my last year of high school when all the craze about what to take up in college was the biggest talk in the halls of the Bosconian senior classrooms. I remember vividly how our moderator stressed how important it is that we know what we want because it will forever change our lives. Almost that very same instance, I look at one of my high school buddy and asked What are you taking up?” He answered: “ECE dude, it’s gonna be huge in the future!” I turned my head, still completely clueless but I wrote it down anyway. Turned out, I was able to finish the course, with some magical help of course. And since then, everybody thinks that I’m one numbers geek! Although it’s true that I have some crazy trigonometry and bloody calculus units under my belt, not to mention that quantum mechanics that wiped out at least 3/4 of batch 98’s population, I do not consider myself a math wizard. In reality, I barely recall that if a certain Jane covered a distance of 340 miles between city A and city B taking a total of 5 hours and part of the distance was covered at 60 miles per hour speed and the balance at 80 miles per hour speed, then she must have travelled for 3 full hours travelling at 60mph that day. Seriously, I’m not very good in math. My survival depended on my uncanny, mutant-like eyesight that can see through my good friend’s paper to up to 3 seats away, from front to back. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the same (enhanced by years of training) ability I use in my wedding filmmaking career today!

This sudden fascination in my college math examinations was triggered during Lloyd and Karen’s wedding. It was when Jay Jay Lucas and his Chestknot Studio team brought a giant calculator in the mix to represent the couples Accounting background. It was this crazy math problem though that has been keeping me awake these past few nights:

Argh! I should give it a rest, I’m better off making wedding films anyway. Check out Lloyd and Karen’s same day edit!=)

Lloyd So & Karen Co – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Shrine of Jesus | Reception: Century Park Hotel | Photo: Chestknot Studio | Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events | Couture: Cecilio Abad

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