International Wedding Videographer

[not the purple-colored singing dinosaur]//[barney & althea]

september 20, 2009//transfiguration church, calaruega//chateau royale sports and country club//hmu by angie cruz and ogie rayel//coordination by events by clarice

it’s almost two o’ clock in a monday afternoon. by this time, most people have already gotten over sulking about the weekend that always seemed not enough. =) i understand the feeling. it’s just that monday, in most times, is the day that i look forward to having. i just came home from a three-day wedding shoot and my body is beat. my schedule is set for the day though. after blogging, i’ll be eating my first meal i call very late lunch. a little bit later, i’m off to carriedo to buy stuff. i should be back before five pm for a meeting. after that, i’ll be editing ’til maybe around three am. i love every second of my busy life. =)

let’s see…it’s more than months since barney and althea’s wedding. i know they’re waiting for this for quite a while now. =) it’s always fun shooting at the beautiful calaruega chapel. we did however, had a little scare when it rained while we were on our way to the church. a beautiful day, nonetheless, for the charming couple. enjoy the video.

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