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noontime show//dave & mimi

noontime show//dave & mimi

destination wedding: acuatico beach resort, batangas city
photo: imagination

the footwear dave and mimi had for their beach wedding brought back bittersweet longing of my childhood memories from the not so distant past. =) oh how i used and abused those favorite rambo flip-flops of mine ’til the the two inch thick rainbow colored sole has completely worn out!

it was our second time covering a wedding at the gorgeous acuatico resort. the weather was perfect for a beach wedding. dave and mimi had a beautiful and perhaps the most entertaining exchange of vows i have ever witnessed. it’s almost a guarantee that this same day edit will crack you up!

4 thoughts on “noontime show//dave & mimi”

  • mimi!!!!u r sooo gorgeous!!!napaka romantic!ang sweet!!kaw na ang maganda,kaw na ang bongga,kaw na,kaw na!!LOL!!happy for you,just a little bit sad coz i was not there to witness the most significant day of your life,but it’s okay, kasi it would only means that umulan bumagyo,may mga absent man sa wedding mo,tuloy na tuloy ang kasal!!congratulations!best wishes!!!

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