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noel and karen

august 8, 2008 – munting buhangin, nasugbu batangas

this ain’t deja vu, we were at nasugbu again. =) the weather can’t be any better and the beach was a beautiful sight. i love the place, i love the set-up, hands down it was the most beautiful beach wedding our young team has ever witnessed.

it was also the day that we got the chance to work with oly and the whole metrophoto team. they looked totally cool in their beach outfit. my only regret that day was wearing black overalls plus leather shoes and telling my whole team to do the same (my team officially hates me!). =)

i had a four-minute onsite video and a shooter short but with gen as my back-up editor, i knew everything’s gonna be fine. nothing overly romantic, no extra cheese…my kinda style our kinda style…

here’s the vid.

p.s. i drove more than six hours that day…it was totally worth it!

7 thoughts on “noel and karen”

  • wow!! ang ganda ganda!! :) syempre ano pa dapat kong i-comment.. :)

    actually, natawa naman ako sa attire nyo… hahaha… i can imagine yung reaction nyo, when you see metrophoto’s attire.. hehehe… :)

  • wow! getting better and better. haha. anyways, i’m hoping to see your vids gaining international recognition soon.

    dream on and keep on shooting err editing!

  • hey bimboy!! join ba kayo sa wedding expo fair? i’m getting more and more convinced na ibook kayo. i actually saw you last wedding congress. di lang muna ako lumapit dahil wala budget. anyhoo, i suggest you join the wedding expo. more booking opps dun. it’s the biggest and most attended fair.

    3 more onsite vids for this month! :)

  • Hi Bim and the rest of the team! Super super thanks talaga. Grabe wala ko masabi sa video, araw araw ko pinapanood! hahaha.. danda danda eh.. (bias kasi andun kami, hehe..) Seriously, you’ll never go wrong with them.;-) More power and God bless!=)

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