no fear//juami & cris

ceremony: don bosco makati
venue: the loft

when my vimeo bandwidth is a lot less than what i need weekly and blog posting becomes a little faster than usual, it is that time of year again! yes, the yuletide season is fast approaching and all the signs are looking good but before everything becomes a drunken frenzy of work-ahol, i’ll hang on to writing a video blog every week to keep my sanity intact and my window to the outside world up-to-date.

i haven’t had a wedding this cool for quite a while. i dig the red and the black. i dig the polka dot dresses. i dig the emotional vows. man oh man, when the couple gave me chocolates from qatar three days before the wedding, i thought the treat ends there. check out the video!

7 years ago

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  1. Everything was just a dream a year ago, and now we just could not believe that we will be watching ourselves on your site. Viewing your work has been a habit for us for more than a year now. We have watched every single video you have posted and we just never get tired.

    From the bottom of our hearts thank you…your are great

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