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nitz & bek

march 7, 2009 – nuestra señora de gracia
linden suites
the glass garden

during a wedding shoot, i work with a couple of shooters, an assistant for the lights/sound and another for the sde. including myself, of course, it is a five-man team. the most crucial of ’em all is my assistant editor who does the transferring of the clips and taking care of the onsite video while i shoot. gen does this perfectly. unfortunately for me, she decided that it’d be a lot more fun watching the eraserheads concert at moa. she was actually so wasted that night that she was unable to join us the next day…haha! nah, she was at the wedding expo during the weekend and i was totally left with one (wo)man short of my wedding crew.

nitz and bek gave me three songs to choose from for their video. the first one, i used twice before, the other was just 2 minutes short (it’s good but if i’d use it, i’ll feel like i’m ripping them off), and the third is just oh so perfect for the fun-loving couple. guess which song i chose. oh, and i was informed that the male veil sponsor was gen’s eco teacher back in her st. paul days. now, she’s totally bummed she missed this wedding. check out the video.

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