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nico & corinne – love story

november 22, 2008 – fernbrook
bellevue hotel

here’s a story…the couple had a very interesting concept for a bachelor’s game…ten locks, ten keys, ten bachelors, ten bachelorettes, only one key can open a specific lock…see the picture?…i was behind one of my shooters giving some instructions when all of a sudden, i heard the emcee calling my name. they have gotta be kidding me, i thought as i saw corinne laughing and nico looking like he’s got nothing to do with it. =) yep, i did play the game and nope, i did not get to kiss a bridesmaid…as i was returning to my seat and gen (who was there all the time) was staring at me like i forced myself into it, i learned that the winners not only got the chance to kiss, both also won lomo cams. i couldn’t react until gen told me that i should’ve won. haha. =)

the following video is nico and corinne’s love story avp (a little over a year ago, we also did celine’s, nico’s sister, love story avp.) it’s about how their story began with a little twist. kinda like what didn’t happen. i do hope you’ll enjoy this because i have seen it more than a hundred times and i still do. =)

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