International Wedding Videographer

nakaw-tingin//miguel & emily

destination wedding: our lady of lourdes, tagaytay
venue: clearwater house, tagaytay
photo: paul vincent
couture: jerome ang, rajo laurel
catering: passion cooks

(this blog entry has been written on the actual wedding day.)
it’s friggin’ freezing in tagaytay and blogging in this weather condition is making my brain stutter. :) it’s gonna be my first time writing a blog entry while the couple’s reception is still underway (at the moment, this onsite video hasn’t played yet.)

em looked gorgeous in her beautiful wedding gown. miguel who saw his beautiful bride for the first time today when the church doors opened, couldn’t handle his emotions. actually, everyone of the carloses who were waiting in front of the altar were in tears while em walked down the aisle. they can’t deny it, i got it on video!=)

watch emily and miguel’s roller coaster ride end and a new and more exciting one begin in this same day edit.

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