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my christmas story

(the following blog post was written at about 2 a.m. christmas morning)
man this turned out to be the sweetest christmas! both my phones officially ran out of battery from all the messages i have received from friends. earlier today, i got myself a 50mm prime lens for the d90 and my very first chuck taylor shoes! i was so excited about the new shoes that i realized the last time i bought myself one was…never! i can’t believe it myself!

here’s the list of gifts i got (from dad, mom, gen, violy, my sisters, my brother in law, my niece and myself): the leather chucks, the 50mm prime lens, a lacoste perfume, a fossil watch, walking pants, a brown polo, a pair leather shoes from gen (my favorite), three calvin klein long sleeves, a pair of nike sneakers, a yellow t-shirt, three underwears, almost a kilogram of cheese balls, a fifty dollar bill, a starbucks planner, one our daily bread book? (what the heck!), chocolates, a bottle of wine (from janey and arvin), the cake and calendars from john and benz and a whole lot of love. =)

it was the perfect night until my grandfather was rushed to the e.r. because of breathing problems…everybody has to leave, but yeah, i know he’s gonna be alright. =) now, as i take the last sip from my second glass of wine and as the gloomy silent night song plays, i raise my glass to JC for another awesome birthday bash and to all you guys! here’s to a merry merry christmas! cheers!…if you’ll excuse me, i have a couple more avps to finish. =)

i’ll post the pictures as soon as i can. =)

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