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[must love dogs]//[emoy & shirley]

august 29, 2009 – fernbrook gardens

fact: siberian huskies rarely bark. instead, they howl like a wolf.

emoy and shirley had entered the reception venue with a golden retriever and a siberian husky. i’m pretty sure their other six doggies were bummed out when they heard that they weren’t invited. =) yep…that many! and yes, i did wonder how much money they spent every month for pet maintenance. =)

i am not sure if it was ever done before but i had my camera on glidecam for entire time i was shooting this video…just for the hell of it. and man did i get some sore muscles afterwards!

1 thought on “[must love dogs]//[emoy & shirley]”

  • thank you so much bim, kahit medyo super seryoso ka talaga nung araw na yun… hehehehe… pero you brought out the best of us…we really love the video… the gliding was fantasttic!!!!! your team was excellent! thanks thanks again!!!!

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