moves like jagger//joseph & patricia

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ceremony: magallanes church
reception: the enterprise center
photo: joanne arquiza
couture: joe san antonio

when patricia’s mom informed me that they’re having her daughter’s wedding reception at the enterprise center during our meeting, i was intrigued. i spent eleven months going up and down tower 2 of that building working on the 21st floor a few months before i started wedding filmmaking. it was also the place where i first met my beautiful wife oh so long ago. =)

the couple wanted this certain maroon 5 song under the category disco-pop for their sde. i was actually ready to use the another song as i felt it was too fast (and too crazy) for a wedding video. when one of my shooters came back after the groom’s pictorial and informed me that the couple bought this clapper specifically for me to use for their video, i found a little opening to try and make some sense out of the craziness! turned out, it was perfect for joseph and patricial’s wedding. i can only hope that it was as easy watching and dancing along with this one as editing. =)

can’t help movin’ like jagger every single time i play this back! happy monday everyone! =)


  1. jhoanna
    September 8, 2011

    awesome job phoeben! :) am a fan!

  2. bim
    September 11, 2011

    thanks for watching jhoanna!


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