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michael & janice

when i first heard and witnessed the capabilities of hd video recording of the latest iphone from apple, i was intrigued and i played with the idea of having one. in the end, continuously telling myself that i don’t need one finally convinced my mind into not purchase one. i do have my second generation handy dandy iphone 3g anyway (not the 3gs with video and autofocus feature,) and for just $0.99 cents at the itunes store i got me a video recorder with a quality worth, well, ninety-nine cents!

i actually got the idea of getting a video recording software for my phone from my good friends husband and wife who i fondly call jeff(erson) & (ramona)lisa and i remember telling jeff(rey) that i’ll someday use it in one of my onsite videos and i’ll show it to him. that’s before i knew how crappy the quality of the video my phone could produce.

since i didn’t have to do an onsite video, i finally got the chance to record my phone’s video recording abilities last week. the quality is better than i expected. i did no further enhancements and the old 8mm film effect is from the software itself. =)

iphone 4…i don’t need it, i’d rather get myself an ipad (or if i’m really lucky, my sister already got me one)…but since my wife accidentally soaked her nokia e71 while washing my underpants, maybe she needs a new phone…evil grin!

5 thoughts on “michael & janice”

  • Ramona? :p Love this! Goes to show it’s really not what you shoot with, it’s the eye. Naks. iPhone video package na ba ‘to? Haha. Hi to Gen!

  • hi bim!

    this was really a very pleasant surprise….

    so modern and classic at the same time….its like a movie from the bygone eras but shot with modern technology…

    mike and I are loving it…thanks!!

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