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Melbourne Wedding Videographer

Melbourne Wedding Videographer

International Wedding: Melbourne, Australia
Jason Chan & Joana Tarnate – Melbourne Wedding Video Highlights
Ceremony: St John the Baptist
Reception: Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne
Melbourne Wedding Videographer: Phoeben Teocson Videography

My head is literally spinning trying to find time to blog one of the most beautiful weddings we had last year. It’s a shame really that it took this long before I finally get the chance to relive the wonderful experience we had during Jason and Joana’s wedding. As a matter of fact, I have uploaded this wedding video highlights two WWE pay-per-views ago (For non-wrestling fans, that’s two months.) It took a while but I really wanted this to be extra special So here goes.

Less than twenty four hours after our Bali wedding, I get the chance to get say hello to my then newly born son before flying to Melbourne for Jason and Joana’s wedding. By then, I was officially more days away from my boy than with him in the number of days that he is alive but dad’s gotta do what he gotta do. =) Thanks to facetime and free wifi at Federation Square, I get the chance to see the little riot a lot every day.

Now Australia is very close to my heart and shooting weddings there is just a breeze. We filmed Marlon and Jackie’s wedding here a few years ago and Joana was then Jackie’s maid of honor. So we were kind of the official Melbourne wedding videographer of their circle. =) I’m quite familiar with the place, like I grew up there, so I was the official tour guide of my good friends and first time Melbourne trotters Jayson Arquiza and PTV Kim. It was also a wonderful treat knowing that the wedding was held the same weekend the world famous Melbourn Cup was scheduled. The streets were packed with fake horses and funky head dresses and drunk people (including our group.) What I loved best during our latest Melbourne wedding was the friends that we met during the time that we were there. We met with past clients at least once a day and so often that we literally ate too much Nando’s that weekend. And did I mention we got drunk? No! We got wasted no thanks to Mikel and Don. Also during this trip, I get the chance to see one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines in Australia’s infamous 12 Apostles. Shout out to my man Mike for making this happen.

With all those book-worthy stories to tell, the real highlight was the beautiful wedding of Jason and Joana. This video is actually a teaser of what the couple (and brand new parents themselves to the beautiful Jacinta) will be getting. And personally, I love how authentic their wedding film turned out. Wedding films are not about money shots and fancy equipment. It’s about the story and how it is told and for me personally, it is about creating something that when you watch ten years later, you’ll feel like you’re back to that exact moment it happened. And this, my friends, is how PTV rolls.

Special shout out to Marlon and Jackie, Aemar and Keshia & Bert and JM. You made this trip extra special. I have been contemplating on making Phoeben Teocson Videography hyphenated with “Melbourne wedding videographer” in the future. I’ll be needing your assistance in finding a day job in Melbourne when the time comes. =)

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