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Martha’s Debut

Martha’s Debut

Martha Nicole Mendoza’s Victoria Secret themed Debut
Preps: H2O Hotel
Reception: The Blue Leaf Filipinas
Photo: Chapter One Studios
Styling: Gideon Hermosa
Coordinator: Kutchie Zaldarriaga

A Victoria’s Secret masquerade is how I always wished to spend our wedding anniversary. And we did just that last year at Martha’s jaw-dropping debut! I remember the blinding lights, the loud funky music, the glittery catwalk and distinctively wishing I was 18 again!

It was a set-up straight out of a fairy tale. Gideon Hermosa outdid himself yet again setting up this truly one-of-a-kind debut. I have two sisters, both celebrated their debuts in a hotel. My parents spent a fortune during that time for their special birthdays. This “Gideonized” 18th birthday is what they were thinking when they came up with the word fancy! Back then, there were the 18 roses and the 18 candles. Either I’m getting older or time just changes tradition way too fast. This debut that I have attended, there was the usual roses and candles and also 18 treasures plus 18 pick-up line dudes and a few more 18 people with special roles. At the end of the night, I believe everyone spent a coupe of minutes on top of the stage.

Martha was fabulous. A beautiful young lady inside and out. I can’t remember meeting somebody so talented and nice and beautiful when I was eighteen. I’ve been to quite a few debuts during my time but none tops Martha’s. Just WOW!

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