mars & leila

january 17, 2009 – nuestra seƱora de gracia
discovery suites
wack wack country club

with the d90 in my hand, i waited for the moment to happen. i can only hold the position long enough before my hands begin to wobble and the clip becomes totally useless. =) then, it happened…and the wait was totally worth it. the groom finally wipes his tears as the bride enters. so emotional, so beautiful…i love this video. =)

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  1. Rose says:

    Very very emotional…and what an inspiring story of great Love… may the good Lord continue to shower you with blessings!

  2. Dela Salle says:

    Congratulations tol… best wishes sa future endeavours.. keep it up :-) more babies to come hehehe

  3. minerva says:

    Very nice video, heartwarming..Congratulations!and my “Best Wishes”.May God bless both of you with wonderful kids.

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