International Wedding Videographer

Mark & Czarina / Slow and Steady

Mark & Czarina – Solaire Wedding SDE
Ceremony: San Sebastian Church
Reception: Solaire Resort and Casino
Photography: Eugene Martinez

I mean seriously, how much time should we really be spending watching footage of famous and not so famous personalities getting in and out of an elevator? Well, truth be told, I have been spending a minute too many myself ‘coz you know what they say, CCTV – more fun in the Philippines! Of course I have my own personal opinion and scientific conclusions backed by my highly intellectual suspicions based from repetitive unbiased ABS-CBN news forecasts and the very reliable Facebook posts/commentaries of my fellow netizen’s (this should be word of the year this year) that even the great Sherlock Holmes will envy! Since day one, I’m with the beaten-up cheating son of a gun all the way!

Come to think of it, I’m losing interest already. But you know what I never get tired of watching? Awesome wedding videos. And it just so happened that I got one right here. So before you press play on that cctv link on your fb feed, here’s some spoiler alert: There’s this elevator. One guy goes in, then he goes out then a girl goes in and then she goes out and then another guy walks in and then out and so on and so forth. Yes, interesting as it may sound, I have something better to watch just for you and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this as much as the elevator video. By the way, this is our very first Solaire wedding. =)

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