mark & abby

december 7, 2008 – tagaytay highlands

it was a winter wonderland at tagaytay, and the wedding eleven years in the making turned out to be one momentous evening. =) that was one heck of a randy ortiz suit mark was wearing and i want one! abby’s joel escober wedding gown on the other hand was the most beautiful one i have seen. =) roughly five hours since de la hoya threw in the towel, everyone was still holding their breaths watching the couple dance for the first time. =)

here’s a couple of links for the avp we made for the couple.
avp – part 1
avp – part 2

9 years ago


  1. Really a wonderfull and heartfelt Wedding! all of us (your witnesses)really felt your LOVE and Passion as the two of YOU were Blessed to be as a COUPLE! God Bless you!

  2. Cool and super groovy couple =) 11 years in the making ang wedding and I know you’ll be blessed by God with beautiful and smart kids… Congrats again

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