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marco & dana

february 7, 2009 – magallanes church
discovery suites
manila polo club

back in december 2007, we had the pleasure of covering the wedding of pizza (dana’s sister) & jayson galura. =) as soon as they received their final video, i got a text message that i have been keeping in my celphone for a long time now. it says:

i can’t help but to let u know agad how happy we are. ibang-iba talga pag video. sbi ng sister ko, FEEL na FEEL tlga. i really appreciate it. i cried pa nga again! i love din nga pala the candid shots. nakakatuwa =) i love everything about it, it was well done. can’t imagine ang ginawa mong pag edit. continue loving it and you will go a long way, talented guy! wishing you all the best. thank you again for everything and you will always be a part of us. =)”

the expectations were obviously high. =) then again, seeing all the familiar faces during dana and marco’s wedding was a great experience to the very least. for a brief moment, i felt like i was part of the family. =) …and by the way, the day after, i got a text message from dana:

“hi bim and gen. Ü we just want to thank u both for the wonderful onsite video. you truly made our wedding more memorable. Ü for the 2nd time, hindi pa din kami nagkamali sa inyo!”

if i get really lucky, i’d be a part of mae’s (the youngest of the mendiola sisters) wedding some five to six years from now. =)

5 thoughts on “marco & dana”

  • You are truly talented to make me cry again :) I/we cannot stop thanking you for everything.

    I cannot believe you kept that text message! I felt it was just one of those that you normally receive after the wedding/getting the final video.

    It was nice to see you guys again – til the next one! Who knows?! – my brother is planning to have a church wedding :)

  • lol:)) Baka much longer pa kaya! I just hope Kuya decides to get married here too just so there’s a chance of you creating another wonderful video for us soon. :p

    May kwento pala ako! His 3 year-old daughter has been watching this onsite over and over again. She keeps saying, “More, more!” and hums to the tune of the song while watching. She won’t stop unless you tell her it’s going to be the last time. Hmm…In 20 years kaya, pwede ka pang maging videographer niya?:p

  • hi mae, wow, 3 years old pa lang nakaka appreciate na ng video. =)20 years less than 50 years old pa ako nun kaya baka pwede pa. haha.

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