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Long Haul | Rodney & Tara

Long Haul | Rodney & Tara

It was the ’90s and the pressure of not having a girlfriend was terribly and deeply affecting my self-esteem. The prettiest girl in the subdivision was a tricycle ride away and perhaps wouldn’t really notice me even though I was the leading scorer on the worst midget division basketball team who wore pink uniforms may I shamefully add (to my utter disbelief, it turned out she had a crush on me!…and someday soon when the time machine is invented, I’d go back and beat the hell out of that skinny little boy ’til the sucker grows a pair and more importantly loses that ridiculous greasy hairdo that kept all the girls away!) Conveniently, the next best thing (or so I thought) lived right across the street. Long story short, the girl broke my heart and looking back, not to sour grape or anything, I have reason to believe plus my sister as my witness that this girl wasn’t really, uhm, ________ (fill in any word you can come up with opposite attractive.) Aaaaahhhh the bitter memories of my puppy love that seemed to get even more vivid the more I wish for it to fade away. =)

The sudden flashback of my childhood boo-boo was triggered by the love story of Rodney and Tara which dates all the way back to when they were 9 years old. Unfreakin’ believable! Of course, it didn’t hurt that they were next door neighbors but imagine the changes that could happen to one’s body and facial features plus the countless life changing moments and people that could’ve possibly steered them away from each other. I mean seriously, stop and think about it! Lucky for them they turned out to be two beautiful creatures! =) Surely, Rodney was shaking ’til the very last second and Tara did a great job holding back the emotions but the journey to that day couldn’t possibly be any sweeter!

Rodney Alfafara & Tara Macaraeg – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Chapel on the Hill | Photography: J Lucas Reyes | Gown: Vera Wang

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