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long hair//erskine & grethel

destination wedding: saint joseph church, baguio city/photography: jeff & lisa/couture: randy ortiz/venue: baguio country club/hmu: angie cruz and ogie rayel

how can you forget somebody named erskine or grethel (or phoeben?) add the fact the he had that long, silky, jet black hair i envied the first day we met. not a chance.

baguio is another place close to my heart. back in college, my whole ece batch had our seminars in one of the hotels here. we stayed for three days and we thrashed the place so bad that we, and any other students from our school, were banned for life. during my very first baguio wedding filled with ghost stories and wonderful surprises, i had the time of my life. my team and i were friggin’ freezing at five thirty in the afternoon inside our transient house. two of my shooters were brave enough to take a bath the next morning without using the hot shower. jeff, lisa, angie and ogie officially became our destination wedding buddies!

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