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the beautiful desert! i miss it already. in a blink of an eye, seven days has gone and passed. our string of bad luck is uncanny but every single day was so totally worth it! jayson and joanne promised to put up the official photos of our tip in their blog soon. while waiting, here’s my hipstamatic prints from my iphone 3g. =)

fifty five degrees celcius and they kept saying the temperature was getting better. they gotta be friggin’ kidding me! even “popsie” jay-arc couldn’t believe his eyes…or should i say skin?

did i mention our misfortune?…right inside the shoulder of a six-lane superhighway where cars travel 120kph (conservativley,) somewhere between oman and uae, under the sweltering heat of the emirates sun, i found myself changing an suv tire. how many people have had that experience? =)

gen got the chance to ride a dodge challenger. this pure muscle was on sale for a little over P2.2M, unfortunately my credit card didn’t suffice. =)

we were regulars at al safeer, the tastiest chicken shawarma and kebab!

gen sitting on a seven star hotel bed. smokin!

inside burj al arab, during the elevator ride, i spotted the palm jumeirah. the view was breathtaking!

we also had the chance to enter the emirates palace in abu dhabi. made me totally forget my experience in an indian shithole (literally) just a few hours earlier that day.

our last stop was the world’s tallest building. from earth to the sky indeed!

our trip couldn’t have been possible without the bestest couple in the world, elle and homer, who treated us like no seven star hotel could. their selflessness is unfathomable. my wife and i had an unforgettable dubai experience because of you guys and we are forever grateful. we’ll see you when you get home!


  1. Jayson
    September 23, 2010

    popsie, wala yung hipstamatic photo mo sa aquarium? muwah! =)

  2. libz
    September 23, 2010

    sisiw pa ang 50++ degrees bossing! palamig na eh! hehehe buti di nasilaw si ms. gen sa gold souk! kaya pa siguro ng credit card mo dun!

  3. bim
    September 23, 2010

    pops, masyadong madami sobrang haba na ng post kaya di ko na sinama lahat. eh importante sa akin yung picture mo ang maisali eh. haha.

  4. bim
    September 23, 2010

    libs, medyo nakapalan lang sa mga necklaces sa souk kaya nag settle nalang sa mga t-shirts na 2 for 15. haha. =)

  5. libz
    September 24, 2010

    dapat pinakilo nyo na lang si boss jayson… kapalit ng ginto.. hehehe… hayyy na miss ko bigla ang middle east… biben malamang pronounce ng pangalan mo dun.. kasi wala silang P sa alphabet o kaya fiben.. hehehehe

  6. elle
    September 28, 2010

    what an adventure to remember for a lifetime! changing of tire in the middle of nowhere :) sorry about that! you guys are great and fun to be with, you’re always welcome to visit.. see you soon.


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