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Lhander and Ping | Amanpulo Wedding

Lhander and Ping | Amanpulo Wedding

Amanpulo Wedding
Lhander Tan and Joanna Paula Norberte-Tan

A quick google search for an Amanpulo wedding reveals that marriage celebration in this beautiful island is such a rarity. So much so that the staff on this exotic island informed us that they only had 2 weddings held there for the whole of 2015! It was one of the few places in my destination wedding bucketlist.

The email was aptly titled Amanpulo Wedding from our groom Lhander who got married in El Nido (one of the most watched wedding films in our website to this day) five years ago! He and his wife Ping, along with their beautiful baby girl Gale, are taking a trip to the private island before leaving the country and wanted to have their vows renewed along the way. They needed someone to document everything.

The experience totally exceeded my expectations and mostly because of our wonderful couple. To Lhander and Joanna, my wife and I are truly grateful for the overwhelming kindness these two has shown us. We can’t be thankful enough for everything and we wish and pray that you find success and everything that your hearts desire in this new chapter of your lives.

A good friend of mine says that every corner of the Philippines deserves a beautiful wedding video. Indeed it does and a beautiful wedding film in this one corner of the country so rarely touched is long overdue. =)