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coffee beans//eggy & len

destination wedding: madre de dios, tagaytay midlands
venue: tagaytay midlands veranda
photo: nelwin uy
hmu: the makeup studio
coordinator: ernest pascual
styling: badang rueda
lights and sounds: sensitivity

man, the last time i blogged was so long ago i had to check the format of how i write them! =)

i first met eggy and len during len’s brother’s wedding back in feb last year. i may be wrong, but i always thought that they loved the video we did back then that they booked us right there. =) overtime, the couple and i became closer than the usual client-supplier relationship as len has been consistently posting comments on our website and facebook! =) — fast forward to a month before their big day, they visit me in my office with her beautiful mom and brings me cake! imagine that! there i was, with a ton of pressure on my shoulder on how to make their wedding video look a little more special (them being what we call second-generation) from the one we did in march and then they come in and gives me the sweetest caramia cake as if telling me “here’s a cake so you better make us one helluva sde…” =)

turned out, i didn’t have to try so hard. eggy and len had a very beautiful wedding filled with so much emotion (i caught my sister and my wife teary-eyed during the reception speeches!)

congratulations to mr. and mrs. ausa, we’re gonna miss seeing you in the bridal fairs. happy honeymoon!

i almost forgot, thanks for the cake!

2 thoughts on “coffee beans//eggy & len”

  • Bim!!! :) thanks for posting our onsite and of course super thank you (please extend our thanks to Gen for her tips on how to walk down the aisle and of course to the rest of the PTV team) for making the perfect onsite for us…we definitely made the right decision to book you right then and there at Kuya’s wedding (which by the way was Feb not March hahaha)…I still remember how “star struck” I was when I first saw you at Kuya’s room hahaha

    We hope you and your team enjoyed the wedding as much as we did :)

    We hope to still see you around, who knows di ba we’ll still go to bridal fairs just so we can drop by to say hi to you guys…oh and you’re very much welcome for the cake hope you enjoyed eating…

    Looking forward to watching more onsites that never fail to amaze me each time… ;) sa renewal namin ha :p hahahaha

  • hi len, hahaha, feb nga pala wedding nila allan. =) we had a lot of fun during your wedding! thank you very much. =)

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