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Laugh Trip / Russel & Amor

Laugh Trip / Russel & Amor

Perhaps the single most epic moment during a wedding, the one that moves even the strongest and bravest of men, is the moment when the doors open and the bride is revealed (almost always for the first time) to the groom and most of the guests. There’s a hundred different ways to react, really, when the emotions take over and the mind is overwhelmed with excitement, panic and everything in between. I know. I was once on that side of the aisle and that feeling is best described as indescribable. Now I got you singing Disney’s A Whole New World, did I? =)

To a wedding filmmaker, it is the greatest challenge telling the story of one’s wedding day especially when the catholic ceremony just so happened to be the same as the hundreds of others you’ve witnessed before. The new set of characters, however, are the ones that make each film unique. For instance, during Russel and Amor’s wedding day, when the church doors opened, the groom, naturally, couldn’t contain his emotions. What I found surprising is the fact that the people were having fun watching him wipe his tears away, including General Rentoy, Russel’s father who was standing just a couple of inches away. That I’ve never seen before and that moment I want the couple to not forget because cruel as it may sound, it was entertainingly cute. And ten-twenty years from now, when they watch the film again, they get to relive that exact moment and laugh about it simply because it was unscripted. Simply because it did happen and it was real. This is how I want each of my wedding film to be.

Shout out to the beautiful Rye Rentoy for introducing our work to her brother. Enjoy the couple’s SDE.

Russel Rentoy & Amor Guinto – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: St. Therese | Reception: Marriott Hotel

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