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kuratsa | Lloyd & Aubrey

kuratsa | Lloyd & Aubrey

Lloyd & Aubrey – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Sacred Heart Church, Cebu City

after five years in the wedding filmmaking industry, we finally had the chance to document a wedding in cebu. it was actually our first time in one of our country’s most beautiful cities, and i’m glad we had enough time to roam around! =) the magellan’s cross was not that hard to find but finding the best dining experience was a little bit more challenging than expected.

like we always do, we spent a lot of time eating/finding the best places to eat…from the infamous larsian to the finest lechon restaurant cnt.

the legendary sinulog festival was just around the corner but it was a wild coincidence that gen was sporting a fiesta-ready nail polish during the wedding day. =)

there was a little time pressure creating this video being it needed to be available during dinner time…but i had tougher times. =) shout out to the bride’s cousin, anika, for introducing our work to the couple.

destination wedding: sacred heart church, cebu city | preps: marco polo hotel | reception: casino espanol de cebu | photo: jon tolentino

the banderitas are set. there was this cebu idol singing contest goin on, the “i love cebu t-shirts” were selling like pancakes (come to think of it, i missed getting myself one…dang!), and the sto. nino festival is ready to roll. unfortunately for us, our schedule won’t allow us to stay. no worries, some ten years from now, i see myself dancing and rockin’ under the rain with the rest of the cebuanos.

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