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[knick knacks]//[eugene & jenny]

date: november 30, 2009//church: basilica de san sebastian//preps: sofitel//reception: la castellana//videography: phoeben teocson//photography: metrophoto//hmu: angie cruz and ogie rayel//coordination: fab occasions

angels and airwaves. yes, the sweet sweet sound of alternative rock. it’s been a long time since i’ve used such a kick-ass onsite music. to be honest, i can’t remember a single word in the lyric…but the beat of the song is stuck in my head. =)

thank you, euge and the stress-free jen, for making me use such a wonderful song. those candies and the 90’s remix brought back great grade school memories. =)

2 thoughts on “[knick knacks]//[eugene & jenny]”

  • i love the video. i love the song. i love the church. i love the gown. i love all the aspects. cool couple indeed! will get you bim and gen on my wedding :)

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