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Key Pendant / Lyra & Stephen

Key Pendant / Lyra & Stephen

Phoeben is an awfully complicated name. From the spelling to the pronunciation to the name’s sexual orientation, not a lot of people get it right even after the third guess. I swear I was at the hospital the other day for an executive check up and all the nurses and doctors who read my record paused and tilted their heads before asking me if they got the name right — they didn’t — and that’s when I realized that in emergency cases where quick and precise procedures should be done to me to save my life, that crucial seconds when they’re trying to figure out how to pronounce my name can be crucial to save — or not — my life! But regardless of the business that I lose because of misdirected Google searches and the fact that it took me until 4th grade to spell it right, I love the name. It’s the combination of my mom and dad’s name and it couldn’t get any cooler than that. Plus, I love the look on the person’s face whenever he or she tries to figure out how to read and pronounce it! =)

The relevance of this sudden contemplation about my first name to our recent Cebu wedding is the fact that more than 85% of the time, whenever I tell my name to someone, they think they heard Stephen. Now Stephen is a nice name, it’s just that I don’t feel that it fits my personality. A “Stephen,” at least for me, is a white-complexioned, can be English-speaking, facial hair free with blonde hair. And although our groom Stephen doesn’t have blonde hair, he is your typical boy-next-door kinda guy. Plus, he did thought that my name was Gen and my wife was Phoeben. =)

Lyra looked gorgeous in her wedding gown. Pinay beauty at its finest. Her team of fun-loving and loud Cebuano wedding suppliers were a lot of fun to work with. She had one of the sexiest bridal pictorials that I’ve witnessed in recent memory. Her flying back to Singapore just a few days after the wedding may delay the honeymoon but Stephen will surely have his hands full when he gets the smokin’ hot photographs. =) For the meantime though, as we wait for those pictures to be developed, here’s the couple’s wedding SDE.

Stephen Vicente & Lyra Paires – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral | Reception: Casino Espenol

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