Kathryn Bernardo turns 18

Kathryn Bernardo’s 18th Birthday

Well where do I begin?

Ahh, the email, of course. An inquiry for Kathryn Bernardo’s 18th birthday. Now I had to be sure that the email was legit and that the event coordinator, Spark Inc. and I are talking about the same person. I did send an sms message to my wife to, pardon my ignorance, ask who Kathryn Bernardo was. See, I don’t watch tv that much and it’s a real shame that my 6 year old niece in Hawaii knows more about Pinoy soap operas than I do (she happens to be a huge fan of Chichay from the just concluded blockbuster of a soap Got to Believe and unfortunately I failed to get her a selfie of myself with Kathryn for her to brag to all her TFC loving friends in Punahou.)

Here’s one thing I know, Kathryn Bernardo is Philippines next big thing. The kid is a great actress and her career in television has shown potential that may surpass, if not at least equal, that of Judy Ann’s and Claudine’s. We were very excited to be a part of her debut. This, after all, was our first (technically,) celebrity event. I was actually so eager to get things going and even asked if it is possible to keep the media out of Kathryn Bernardo’s 18th birthday. You know, to keep it personal. Turns out, it’s gonna be an ABS-CBN special.

Come Kathryn Bernardo’s 18th birthday celebration, I found myself overwhelmed by two things: the blinding bright lights and the number of personnel/marshalls the network needs to make a television special. I’ll never forget muscling my way through a group of cameramen just to get the perfect angle. It was the closest thing to me being a photojournalist really except I had a camcorder. My all access I.D. barely worked. Wrestling aside, Kathryn looked stunning in her Francis Libiran gown. As expected, Blue Leaf Filipinas was filled with the Philippine’s finest stars complementing the phenomenal styling by Michael Ruiz. Perhaps like most people including the debutant herself, I was surprised to see Marian Rivera among the guests. She looked heartbreakingly beautiful like always. It was a lot of fun. I even found myself daydreaming about how it’d feel like to be an 18 year old girl with a debut that awesome surrounded with with all those free booze and beautiful people and the media. Then again, I bet I’m better off behind the camera. By the end of the night, I found my wife sulking in one corner of our holding room. Turns out she’s a huge G2B fan herself and she wanted her selfie with Kathryn. I told her that I still have some photos of Kathryn from Mark Nicdao and I can photoshop it with her face on it. The deal made her night. =)

For the #kathniel die hard fanatics who just can’t get enough of ABS-CBN’s Kathryn Bernadro’s 18th Birthday Special last Sunday; for those left wondering why the heck did the dog party segment have more air time than the actual debut; here’s another perspective of Kathryn’s birthday. By the way, #kathryn18 and #bestdebutever.

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  1. KathnielShipper says:

    Thank you for showing this side of #Kathryn18 debut, we were somewhat disappointed that the special did not air the birthday greetings and messages from Kathryn’s 18candles. Thank you for showing some of this. I was still hoping that it was longer…nonetheless Kudos to you guys and your company. BTW i shared your link in a tweet. =) Thanks again in behalf of the die hard Kathniel Fans out there =)

  2. Kathfan says:

    Kathniel is phenomenal.her loveteam is soo big that cemented her queen status from being ‘known’ in mara clara.

  3. We appreciate a lot every detail of your video. Thanks for this and you have done a great job. We are not just a fan of her but we are now a fan of your wonderful works.

  4. jesilance says:

    Very nice and i love it…, but how can i get a copy of the full coverage of kath’s debut (both with the fans and last March 29, 2014 party.) thank you.

  5. Wiem says:

    The video was awesome.It was very clear.This is the first time that I find a videography like this.This is very beautiful ! Thank You ..

    1. fanney says:

      Hi!I love this vid!Whats the title of the song,its so hard cause the lyrics isn’t clear so I wanted to know whats the title of the song,I’ve been searching for it in youtube for almost how many months.Im hoping for you reply,Thanks and more power!:)

  6. Lucia says:

    I like your work. You did a great job! How I wish we can see the full video of her actual birthday celebration both from her fans and her personal party. Are you going to post the video in You Tube?

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