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[kapag tumibok ang puso]//[cedric & jackie]

september 9, 2009 – our lady of lourdes
one tagaytay place hotel suites
photo: wally gonzales

for a moment let’s forget about the onsite video. oh it is special, it’s just that i don’t feel like talking about sde’s today. i want to tell the story of how can an avp be so effective. a video so nice they had to play it twice!!! people needed to see it again!

follow these steps on how to make a roof raising avp:
1. choose a song. (something donna cruz sang will definitely be a huge hit! trust me, everybody’s gonna be singing on their way home!)
2. get yourself a choreographer.
3. get yourself back-up dancers with colorful outfits.
4. learn how to break dance.
5. everybody dig love triangles.

…and bam! you got yourself a hit!

the couple’s onsite video, it wouldn’t disappoint either. check it out. =)

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