Jump Shot / Alex & Bianca

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Jump Shot / Alex & Bianca

My team and I were extra early, waking up to the gorgeous sunrise at the equally beautiful Amarela Resort. They were still fixing the tents by the beach for that night’s Reception and the sand castle was almost done. Are cameras have been rolling for the past twenty-four hours and video clips of our latest Bohol wedding was piling up before the actual wedding day even started.

It was our second Bohol wedding but it was our first time to shoot at the historic Baclayon church. It did rain a little as the country was kinda in the middle of typhoon season but it was nothing to worry about. It got emotional earlier than we expected as the couple exchanged gifts to each other but the mixture of tears and laughters made a wonderful feel-good wedding film.

Enjoy the video as much as I’ve enjoyed eating four kilos of chorizo for breakfast. I’ve been craving these Bohol-made longganisa since 2008. =)

Alex Sigeda & Bianca Nunag – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Baclayon Church, Bohol | Photography: Mangored | Reception: Amarela Resort, Pangloa Island, Bohol


  1. Bianca Nunag
    November 7, 2012

    I love our video! :) Truly appreciate the time and care you took in chronicling our special day. Our heartfelt thanks goest out to you and your team! :) We hope you enjoyed your time in Bohol!

    • bim
      November 16, 2012

      We had a great time Bianca! Thank you for making us part of your wedding! =)


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