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the icing and the cake//jp & bing

wedding: santuario de san jose
venue: oasis
couture: gretchen pichay
otd: once a bride

from mixed martial arts to local celebrity boo-boos, batchamtes’ gossip, basketball and everything naked/fully clothed in beween, my buddy jp and a couple other best friends of ours can and will talk for days given the chance. we had our share of epic misadventures and mind numbingly jackass-worthy ideas that made our college stint nothing less of legendary. bernadette, i haven’t had the chance to fully get to know but i’m pretty sure she’d be the killjoy when boys want to have fun. =) i’m kidding! she’s one heck of a cake maker and, if she wants to, as i have told her for more than a year now, can be the next big thing!

congratulations again to my best bud jp and best wishes to his beautiful bride bernadette. man, i’d love to tag along to phuket and watch muay thai with you guys but then i’d spoil all your honeymoon fun! =) see you when you get back!

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