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Journey Starts at Hacienda Isabela – Saeed & Agette

Journey Starts at Hacienda Isabela – Saeed & Agette

Hacienda Isabela – Saeed Al Mehairi and Agette Asan
Ceremony: Hacienda Isabela, Tagaytay
Reception: Hacienda Isabela
Photo: Nice Print Photography
Coordinator: My Big Event by Thea Ocana

As the strongest typhoon of the year quickly make its way to the Philippine area of responsibility, I find myself faced in a little bit of dilemma. I just realized that it has been more than three months since I posted something on my blog! I’m pretty sure I quite have a handful of stuff in between April 30th and August 6th but I got lost along the way. Backtracking my way to this dark room beside my sleeping wife and beautiful baby boy, I remember the trip to Hawaii, the NBA finals, some awesome Lego sets, wonderful weddings my team shot with and without me, a few corporate events and a dream house getting turned over. I’ve had quite a handful of stuff to say the least in perhaps all aspects of my life right now. So much so that blogging, one of my favorite things to do is becoming the least priority. =)

Somewhere in between those three month blog-hiatus was Saeed and Agette’s epic Hacienda Isabela wedding. Complimented by an equally breath-taking save-the-date video that we shot a months back, the couples wedding SDE’s opening shot is perhaps the most bad ass you’ll see this year. The pool ceremony set-up will make you want to get married at the infamous Hacienda Isabela in Tagaytay. The celebration was so grand that there were two fireworks display during the reception! The first was exclusively for pictorial purposes!

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