International Wedding Videographer

Josh and Irish – UK Wedding Videographer

Josh and Irish – UK Wedding Videographer

Some crazy awesome time we had during our time in the UK. An experience one won’t easily forget. As if covering two wonderful weddings is not enough, I even got the chance to celebrate my birthday, twice, with people I literally never met before! I’m proud to say that Filipino hospitality, no matter where you are in this planet, is freakin’ top notch and nothing-comes-close best in the world! Follow me here – We spent the first half of our stay in my Aunt’s sister’s house in Slough and then transferred to my mom-in-law’s friend’s house located in the outskirts of London. We then traveled, albeit impulsive, to Scotland and stayed with my mother-in-law’s friend’s friend. All along carrying a whole bunch of heavy video equipment and a one year old boy!

The first wedding we had was held at Derby. The wedding of our awesome couple Josh and Irish. Plans of getting somebody to watch my 1-year-old got messed up and we ended bringing him along with us during the wedding. During dinner, I found myself editing the SDE as my wife shot the reception, while I feed our baby on my lap!

Yeah I’m not kidding.

Luckily, the good looking gang assembled by the equally beautiful couple made shooting their wedding such a breeze. It also helped having the always-awesome-to-work-with Pinoy photographer Ryan Ortega taking the stills. I’ll let the wedding film tell the rest of the story. =)

Shout out to Dedick and Ela for my birthday cake and for the Lego Death Star! You guys are awesome!

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