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Jon & & Iggy / Ten Years

Jon & & Iggy / Ten Years

Ten years is an awfully long time but if you’re waiting for a promise and a dream to come true, it ain’t that bad. Well, I have no statistical knowledge in knowing how it really feels like when the promise day arrives but based from our beautiful bride Iggy as she fought back the tears while thanking Jon in front of the altar for making her dream come true, it may kinda be like those things you feel when happily ever after happens. Those bursting into rainbow or the giddy heavenly feelings kind of stuff.

Making true to his promise tells a lot about what kind of a man Jon is and I admire him for that. During their first wedding, they did not have a single photograph, camera phones were rare during those times. This time, not only did they get at least 5000 digital shots from the official photographer in addition to the numerous phones and tablets from their family and friends, they also get to preserve this event with a wedding film. Talk about getting married in style.

Fall in love with this real life fairy tale and maybe this wedding film will get you to grab your wife and ask her to marry you again. =)

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Jon & Iggy Padilla – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: San Antonio de Padua, Silang Cavite | Reception: Splendido Taal, Tagaytay | Photo: Puy Talde of Really Awesome Weddings | HMU: Pong Niu | Flowers: Vatel Manila

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