jon and chyssa: love story

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august 8, 2008 – the manila cathedral
the manila hotel

i find it really interesting that each one of the supplier wedding blogs i frequently visit is totally on a standstill. very interesting indeed, a day after the most awaited date in the wedding industry history, nobody is ready to tell their story? hmmmm….

here’s mine – a love story. lomo colors, the private beach, a little red crab, the umbrella, kix posing like a chic (spot that if you can!), student-teacher relationship, mostly interesting stuff! the shoot took place somewhere in batangas it was another one of those long drives, but i didn’t mind (i was sleeping). though our team didn’t get the chance to take a dip, it didn’t stop us from having absolute fun.

the one thing i secretly hate about doing avps (i’m spilling the beans) is that the couple get to watch the video before the actual day. they get the chance to play the video over and over again and come the big day, my video, for them, is no longer unpredictable…and their reaction has long been said to me.

what’s great news is that the two people reading my blog haven’t seen the video yet…and in their eyes, it’s gonna be fresh, unpredictable and fun to watch…enjoy the video!

well, well, just when you thought i’m done and out for an eight-eight-eight story, i have another story later. man oh man, the blog entries are getting longer and longer…i mean, what’s not to write? there’s a brand new story every time!!! =)


  1. kat
    August 10, 2008

    good vid. is their onsite coming up?

  2. kat
    August 11, 2008

    hiyee..jmag has his 888 story na din.

  3. bim
    August 11, 2008

    hi kat, thanks for the heads up! i’m posting my second one tonight. =)

  4. chyssa
    August 14, 2008

    hi phoeben! Im kinda excited na po to see the video of our wedding! ala pa kasi kami nakikita kasi kahit photo excited na din kami…hehehe para kasi ako nalutang that day! hehehehe


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