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Joms and Jona | Kamana Sanctuary, Subic

Joms and Jona | Kamana Sanctuary, Subic

Joms AliƱo and Jonafe Suarez
Church: Holy Land Subic
Photo: MR Villar Photograpphy
Venue: Kamana Sanctuary, Subic

An emotional groom, a beautiful bride and a crazy fun squad pretty much sums up the wedding of Joms and Jona. Each one made up another classic PTV wedding film. Their’s is a non-traditional love story with an old fashioned “first love never dies” tag line. Tested by distance, the same component that helped transcend another test, that of time.

It’s my first time in Kamana Sanctuary and it was gorgeous. A beautiful escape from the world leading Manila traffic. I imagine myself painting in one of the cottages overlooking the mountains from afar, and I don’t even know how to paint! I look forward to more beautiful weddings in this gem.

Jom’s shallow tears skyrockets the emo level of the film because, as we always say, crying grooms make the videos more awesome! =)