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jojo & wen

february 14, 2009 – archbishop’s palace
discovery suites

for the third time in the same number of years i found myself working on valentine’s day. =) i remember getting hold of the onsite song less than two hours before the ceremony and editing the entire sde at home. =)

4 thoughts on “jojo & wen”

  • Hey, Bim and Gen! You should’ve seen the people watching the onsite. They loved it! Ang galing, as always. Congrats on making Top 10 this year. Very well deserved.

  • Hi Bim and Gen — Tama si Lisa, we loved the video and our guests loved the video. I knew we made the right choice with you. I have always liked your timing. So excited to see the full video. :)

    Sorry kung na-stress kayo ha when I gave you the song just a few hours before. :p If you didn’t notice, ang dami pa naming niru-rush that morning haha. But it turned out to be a wonderful day in the end. The video was great, thanks a lot!

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