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jojo & calla (the fifth day after christmas…and it was the bomb!)

december 30, 2008 – shrine of st. therese
makati shangri-la

sometimes it happens, you miss the opening of the doors, you miss the people in tears (of joy), you miss the littlest details you didn’t even know existed…perhaps you were a little nervous or maybe just too excited, whatever the reason is, the satisfaction of seeing it again is just darn overwhelming…thank god somebody invented motion picture!

my last onsite video for 2008 is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorites! i mean, what’s not to like? her shoes, jimmy choo; her bridal bag, aranaz; her photographer, pilar tuason; her gown (we can talk all day about her gown…and if i was to wear one, i’d wear hers) jun escario…and her videographer, phoeben teocson…man, oh man, i now have another reason to adjust my prices (don’t panic, it ain’t happening for at least two more months!) =)…and did i forget to mention her groom?(who’s got a lot of inputs and some creative concepts of his own)…one very lucky dude! =) watch their video again and again and i promise that it ain’t gonna grow old. =)

3 thoughts on “jojo & calla (the fifth day after christmas…and it was the bomb!)”

  • super nice video! bim is right.. i’ve watched it so many times and has shown it to most of my friends and it hasn’t grown on me! and because of this video–i just had to get him for my wedding! =)

  • Anika is right. I’ve watched this over and over again and I’m still not getting used to it. So moving and touching. sana pre sa wedding vid namin ganito rin kaswabe ah! astig! the music and the video blends pretty well. And the angles, superbly dramatic!

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