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joema & cris

november 8, 2008 – the archbishop’s palace
astoria hotel
PSE Auditorium

i am not a morning person. actually, i rarely see the morning sun. either it’s just about to show up or it’s already scorching hot that you can’t even look at it anymore and the heat can only give skin cancer or, if youre lucky, just sore eyes. my good morning is about 12:01 am to maybe 4:30 am and my good morning also means good night y├íll. plus i don’t drink coffee. anyway, before i push my being not-a-morning-person further to the point that it’s boring, i want to share how our first november wedding came and gone. =)

i woke up at about four thirty in the morning, with power still out in our neighborhood, and i actually found myself in good mood. no power means the water heater ain’t gonna work and i’m too lazy to boil me some water so i went ahead and took the cold bath. thank goodness i was able to take advantage of the newest and perhaps one of the greatest invention in human history…cellphone backlights! some thirty minutes later, PTV team was on the way. a little bit excited to see jayson arquiza and his gang after six months. =) there i was, at the backseat of our suv still having a difficult time accepting that one of my frequent blog readers is finally getting married. after months of exchanging ym’s with cris about how she enjoys watching my latest video, her onsite video is finally up…and just like that, it’s the “latest” and, i’m just guessing, her all time favorite. =) the kind of feeling you get when your friend goes abroad or the cute puppy you found outside your house is taken back by the rightful owner after you’ve totally bonded (dang, that sucks..and to you sir, in case you bump into this, there’s no such thing as dognapping!!!), or better yet, the feeling when hulk hogan lost the world heavyweight title to the ultimate warrior…you know, that kind of thing where it’s good either way it turned out to be…that’s how i felt. why you ask? well for one, i’m gonna lose 10-20 blog hits (maybe more) a week…there’s also the cool comments cris leaves that i’m gonna miss, plus some instant messaging once in a while about wedding stuff. on the other hand, my clients friends finally had a very successful wedding. man, a lot of stuff went through my head that i’ve forgotten how i almost chickened out to use the couple’s requested onsite song. =)

here’s the video, just press play. =)

4 thoughts on “joema & cris”

  • Asteeeeeeeeeeg! Apir!

    Sayaw tayo Bim, fave ko yung song. @Cris nice choice for onsite song… “All I needed was the love you gave. All I needed for another day” hehehe!

    @Cris and Joema, congrats ulit best wishes!

  • Shet Bim! Naiiyak na naman ako nyan. Thanks for making this very beautiful video (and tama ka this is my all time fave haha!) I’m glad we decided to stick with our song choice. This only goes to show how great a videographer you are dahil kahit hindi ganyan ang style of songs that you usually use nagawan mo ng paraan..and the video turned out amazing.

    At syempre nag-senti dahil tapos na wedding namin…don’t worry I will continue to visit your site. At kukulitin pa rin kita sa YM pag nagkasabay tayo :) And of course I will recommend you to every single person I know who’s about to get married hehe.

    Leche nobela na ang comment ko.

    @Jayson, si Joema namili ng song :) Will wait for the wedding photos from your blog hehe.

  • Btw (haha may pahabol pa…kala mo tapos na noh!), pwede ba makahingi ng copy nitong video? Can I download it from here…paturo naman please. Will post it in my multiply site. Salamat!

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