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jet & raissa (the second day after christmas)

december 27, 2008 – chapel on the hill
hacienda isabela

on the second day after christmas my true love gave to me…back to back tagaytay weddings! jet’s super sister, mrs. olga buan, was the one contacting me during the whole preparations. =) i did however, had the pleasure to meet the couple four days before their wedding day and i got the impression that jet was a little camera shy…he was a totally different dude during his big day. =)

11 thoughts on “jet & raissa (the second day after christmas)”

  • BIM! ang ganda!! … ang ganda ko! ha ha ha ganda ng avp namin! thanks!!! next videographer of the year! naks!
    *bat la ako sa blog mo?! d ko bigay final payment eh! hahaha joke!:p kidding aside, jet & i are very happy.. more power! cheers!

  • congrats to the newly weds (again)!!! fab avp!!! u both look so gorgeous! i wish i was there during ur big day.. i think ive missed a lot! 10 stars for ur videographer! the next “KING” :)

  • hi rice, haha..sasabihin ko nga dapat na maganda ka tsaka super sexy…actually ang original kong sinulat eh….”…tagaytay was freezing but raissa in her gorgeous gown kept the temperature sky high!!!… kaya lang na cut nung ng editor in chief. =)

  • hi raissa i have just watchedyour video your wedding day must of been amazing you all looked fantastic it looked like a fairytale day..take care and good luck.x jo (from work)

  • Galing! i remember years ago rai we used to talk bout both our dream weddings, tipong kilig kilig with jet kausap mo online… ngaun eto na kayo. Diko na maintindhan sino ang magnanakaw sa inyo ng heart…(STOLEN).:P anyway rai am proud of you both! I know jet will take care of you… love each other. am sooooo happy! ang bilis ng panahon…now every dream came true! CONGRATS!!!

  • Bim! cant get enough of the video..(wedding hang ups) i think im already addicted to it =D
    This is selling like hot pancakes in town!! everyones got a copy hehehe

    goodluck on the video fest! wish we’re there to witness it

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