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jesse & denise: best vows ever

july 3, 2009 – antonio’s tagaytay
taal vista
tagaytay highgroves

“…i will keep you cozy in the long canadian winters, solve our prolems before we go to sleep, explore the world with you, be a great dad, give you hugs and kisses all the time, spoon you in bed, and most importantly, to never stop loving you and to grow old…really old, with you. i love you baby, mahal kita.”

…and while i can’t promise to give you a perfect marriage, i will vow to be the best wife, friend and partner you will ever need.

the bride’s sisters were arranging fresh-from-the-market flowers delivered by the family driver to the venue. the bridesmaids were doing their own hair and make-up. even the bouquets, including the bride’s, were homemade. the cupcakes were baked by the groom’s mom. the couple were writing their vows on the day. the ceremony lasted for fifteen minutes including the marching of the whole entourage. from canada, without a wedding coordinator, how denise and jesse pulled this gorgeous wedding out is a mystery to me.

this video is long overdue. expect a blogging marathon this week. =)

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