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jeremy & rachel

january 8, 2008 – fernwood

on her carriage, roughly fifteen minutes before here entrance, i was having a great time talking with the lovely bride about, of all subjects, a hair salon at rockwell. haha, what the heck, her hair highlights were so good even i can’t resist not to ask. =) watch our first onsite video of 2009… i have a feeling that this year is gonna be another heck of a ride! =)

9 thoughts on “jeremy & rachel”

  • I’m very impressed. Nakakaiyak kahit hindi ko sila kilala. :-) I love the song! May I just ask the title and who sang it? Thanks.

  • “the best edit” to think same day…..galing!! the first time I saw this video nung wedding day bilib na ako…and buti na lang you posted it dito wow….galing la ako masabi….but of course it wouldnt be that great if not with my kuya jem and hipag rache!!!love it!!!ganda ng bride at gwapo ng groom di ba????love you kuya and rache!!!

  • i sooooo love this video bim… kakaiyak…
    ganda ng editing simple pero rock, ganda din ng song….

    argh! excited na talaga ako pero ang tagal pa nung amin… hehehehe…

  • Grabe!!! Sobra uli ako naiyak!!! It was sooo beautiful. I get to relieve the day of Jem and Rachel’s wedding like it just happened yesterday. You can really feel the love betweeen the two of them even with this short clip. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Jem,

    All the best wishes for you. Have a Lim x-> inf. (POW(Happy,x) married life which will be perfect like a JCL “JEM”ed to 0.


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