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The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance

Jecson Chu & Nicole Young
Ceremony: Mary the Queen Parish
Reception: New World Hotel
Gown: Joel Escober
Photo: Francis Perez
HMU: Patrick Alcober
Coordination: Peaches Go
Full event coverage with aerial videography by PTV

I will give you time to think to guess what song we used for Nicole and Jecson’s SDE! Chances are you’re just half right. =) Choosing SDE music has always been the option of our couples since day one. There are of course a handful who gives us the creative freedom to choose the song and do whatever the heck we want in the video. In Nicole’s case, we met halfway. She’s locked down the up-tempo part of the sound track and gave me the freedom to incorporate a slower paced music to mix with it. Like most brides today, she’s been watching hundreds of wedding SDEs and had a few ideas for the output. What we came up with is something different and that is always a good thing!

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